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JP-H11248930-A: Color filter substrate and manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal display element using same color filter substrate patent, JP-H11249538-A: Method and system for supporting teaching material generation and storage medium stored with teaching material generation support program patent, JP-H11249608-A: Light emitting display device and control method therefor patent, JP-H1125003-A: Method and device for information processing patent, JP-H11250701-A: 非常灯装置 patent, JP-H11251355-A: 集積回路用のワイヤーボンドされたパッケージの方法と装置 patent, JP-H11251711-A: 回路基板及びこれを用いた回路部品の実装方法 patent, JP-H11251739-A: Electronic circuit unit patent, JP-H1125187-A: Journal slip input method patent, JP-H11252178-A: 符号化装置 patent, JP-H1125302-A: 出退勤管理装置 patent, EP-1269552-B1: Hall-effekt element mit integrierter abweichungsregelung und verfahren zum betreiben eines solchen elements zur reduzierung der nullpunktabweichung patent, JP-H11253166-A: Production of heterologous hydrogenase in blue-green algae, and production of hydrogen patent, JP-H11253187-A: 発酵法によるl−セリンの製造法 patent, JP-H11253209-A: Female mamber of hook-and-loop fastener, and hook-and-loop fastener patent, JP-H11253317-A: Automatic baking device patent, JP-H11253358-A: 和式用の便座 patent, JP-H11253554-A: 血栓又は血栓となるであろう物を除去すること patent, JP-H11253923-A: Processing of oil-polluted soil patent, JP-H11254312-A: 形状制御を伴ったウェーハの枚葉加工方法及び加工装置 patent, JP-H11254718-A: Thermal transfer printing apparatus patent, JP-H11254806-A: Ink jet recording material patent, JP-H11254890-A: Thumb tack having finger ring shaped tab patent, JP-H11255051-A: オプティカルフロー式後方情報検出装置 patent, JP-H11255428-A: ボビン装着の確認装置 patent, JP-H11255688-A: 新規多価ヒドロキシ化合物、新規エポキシ樹脂、それらの製造方法、それらを用いたエポキシ樹脂組成物及びその硬化物 patent, JP-H11256834-A: Net-enclosure mounting metal fitting patent, JP-H11256846-A: Residence patent, JP-H11256904-A: Latch in lock device for vehicle patent, JP-H11257282-A: 周波数変換器付流体機械ユニット群 patent, JP-H11257306-A: 油圧駆動装置 patent, JP-H11257788-A: 吸収式冷熱発生装置 patent, JP-H1125863-A: プラズマディスプレイパネル patent, JP-H11259014-A: 頭部装着型表示装置 patent, JP-H11259152-A: シリーズレギュレータ patent, JP-H11259374-A: Device and method for testing memory and storage medium patent, JP-H11259417-A: Bus access system and bus access controller patent, JP-H11259541-A: Inter-hierarchy simultaneous wiring method considering design restriction patent, JP-H1125991-A: アルカリ蓄電池用正極板およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H11260183-A: 照光スイッチ及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H1126039-A: Pressure contact connector patent, JP-H11260893-A: Apparatus for detecting work housed in cassette patent, JP-H11262353-A: Bird and animal-scaring device patent, JP-H11262771-A: Production of pure water patent, JP-H11263941-A: 無機硬化性組成物硬化遅延用水系塗料およびそれを用いた無機硬化性組成物硬化遅延シート patent, JP-H11264180-A: バルコニーの手摺り構造 patent, JP-H1126466-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H11264691-A: 熱交換器 patent, JP-H11265286-A: Emulation device for legacy command and method therefor patent, JP-H11266410-A: Display device for identification display section for broadcast enterprise and display method of identification display section of broadcast enterprise patent, JP-H11267050-A: Low-temperature storage house for polished rice with metering and discharging function patent, JP-H11267794-A: Casting mold cooled by liquid patent, JP-H11268413-A: 感熱性組成物およびそれを用いた平版印刷版原版および印刷刷版作製方法 patent, JP-H11268500-A: Decorative material having parallel line-like protrusion and recess pattern patent, JP-H11270049-A: Setting structure of solar battery panel patent, JP-H11270218-A: コ字状長尺金属材の連結装置 patent, JP-H11270869-A: 送風機 patent, JP-H11271941-A: Automatic developing machine for silver halide color photographic sensitive material and processing method therefore patent, JP-H11273274-A: Disk recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H11273306-A: 磁気テープカートリッジ patent, JP-H11273749-A: アルカリ亜鉛蓄電池の特性評価方法及び特性評価装置 patent, JP-H11274355-A: 放熱板付きプラスチックパッケージ patent, JP-H11274553-A: Infrared radiation element patent, JP-H11274860-A: プッシュプル増幅回路 patent, JP-H11275037-A: 多重化装置 patent, JP-H11275086-A: Error correction system patent, JP-H11275272-A: Mobile communication equipment patent, JP-H11275292-A: Image processor connectable to network patent, JP-H11275646-A: Traffic dispersing method patent, JP-H11276623-A: Fire-fighting facility patent, JP-H11277401-A: Wire guide roller for wire saw patent, JP-H11278267-A: 制動装置 patent, JP-H11278430-A: Method and equipment for packing metallic material to be packed with film patent, JP-H11279241-A: シロキサングラフト型ビニルポリマーおよびその製造方法 patent, JP-H11280087-A: Ground solidifying construction method for damping and preventing liquefaction patent, JP-H11280138-A: Cover of inspection pipe patent, JP-H11281953-A: Power source circuit for display element and method for generating driving voltage patent, JP-H11282328-A: 可逆媒体を用いたホログラム作成装置および作成方法 patent, JP-H11282800-A: オンラインヘルプシステムおよび個人データの処理方法 patent, JP-H11282998-A: User card, communication terminal equipment, communication server, communication system and user authentication method for communication system patent, JP-H11283051-A: Preparation method of three-dimensional object model patent, JP-H11283185-A: Navigation system patent, JP-H1128318-A: オイルフィルタ patent, JP-H11283973-A: Manufacture of electrode for plasma etching apparatus patent, JP-H11283987-A: シリコンエピタキシャルウェーハとその製造方法 patent, JP-H11284043-A: 電子ビーム描画装置のオートローダー機構 patent, JP-H1128440-A: 遮水シートおよび同シートによる施工構造 patent, JP-H1128553-A: 連続鋳造の給湯方法 patent, JP-H112857-A: 電子ビューファインダを備えた銀塩カメラ patent, JP-H11286482-A: Purification of gamma-butyrolactone patent, JP-H11286602-A: Moisture-curable urethane sealant composition patent, JP-H11287841-A: Ic tester patent, JP-H11288513-A: ディスク基板成形用スタンパー及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H11288979-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H1128929-A: ケーブル固定構造 patent, JP-H11289949-A: Adhesive catching sheet for adhering flying insect pest patent, JP-H11290485-A: ラケットのフレーム patent, JP-H11290799-A: 洗浄処理装置 patent, JP-H1129131-A: Thin container with rib formed in continuity from bottom face to side face thereof patent, JP-H1129148-A: Glass container for novolak resin-based positive-type photoresist and its inner face treatment method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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